Publishing company, organization and corporation Trespassers W

On the 16th of july 1984 Trespassers W's name was put down in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, filed as 109578 (now changed into: 271095780000).
Initially Cor Gout , founder of this one-man company, wanted to produce a magazine which could function as a medium for the various initiatives, which at the time occurred in the field of the multimedia and transgressive arts.
This magazine, Trespassers W, tried to open new ground in its themes and in its approach to the subject matter.
With this aim the editors found alliance with the multimedia experiments in the arts at the time.
The mix of language- and sign-games appeared to be the way to break the existing borders and conventions. The first issue of Trespassers W, which came out in 1984, consisted of contributions of about twenty artists or writers, originating from various countries and art disciplines. The name 'Trespassers W' was derived from a passage from A.A. Milne's classic children's book 'Winnie the Pooh'. After some time the fellow workers of the magazine wished to do more than just to point out new developments in the world of the arts. They wanted to put their multimedia ideas into practice by creating or organizing arts and by supporting initiatives of others.
In other words: Trespassers W developed into an organization which made, exposed, distributed and supported multimedia and transgressive arts. In 1984 these ideas and aims were notarized and from then on Trespassers W was also a corporation, put down in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, filed as S 154021 (now changed into: 411540221) In 1986, the Dutch Ministry of Culture (then called WVC), for this purpose advised by the Dutch Arts Council (Raad van de Kunst), gave a token of faith in Trespassers W's concept and activities by awarding a grant of ƒ.35000 for the three most important pillars of the organization: the magazine, the music and the cultural organization. Up until now the publishing company and the corporation Trespassers W have tried to realize their ambitions through a variety of publications, musical productions, video productions, literary events and productions, performances, contributions to activities of others, services and collaborations (see: Projects).